Karuizawa For TIBS/WhiskyLive Tokyo 2012 Vintage 1999-2000 Marrying Cask #7698 61.7% abv


Nose: Quite simple. Raisins, oranges, lemon, vanilla, hay, rubber, oregano, burnt pie crust. Fairly benign overall for 61.7% abv.
Palate: Taken neat, there is a little raisin, bubblegum, rhubarb, strawberry, but you’ve gotta work hard to find it. Actually too brutal at full strength to reveal any complexity. With water, there is a lot of bitter tannins. Way to much really. Extreme bitter dark chocolate, some bitter orange peel, grapefruit and a smidgen of vanilla (thank heavens).

Finish: Either too brutal without water to be complex or bitter to the max with the water added
Rating: 72/100

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