Kawasaki 1982 Whisky Live Tokyo 2011 Single Grain Sherry Butt. 65.5%abv


Nose: Smooth grains, big sherry, fine aged rum, eucalyptus throaties, pine, creamed corn, leather, warm flapjacks. Inviting! Water adds maple syrup.
Palate: Again smooth grain, candied nuts, dry sherry, a less sweet/dryer Ron Zacapa 23. Pine, gentle oak, fresh roast java. Quite smooth and drinkable at 65.5 per cent. Water brings out sweet spiced rum of the highest quality.
Finish: Very long, one you feel you can still taste the next day. Dry sherry, fine rum, pine, licorice, creamed corn, oak and pine.
Last Word:  An excellent spirit that never lets me down.
Rating: 90/100

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