Mars Whisky The Malt of Kagoshima 1984 25YO Sherry Cask #0578/3081 46%

Nose: Sherry and toffee at first, then changes to an almost Bourbon-esque grain like quality. Licorice, pears, red apples, cinnamon doughnuts, yeast, match heads. Dry cement mix.
Palate: It first touches the palate with a certain lightness then there is a big explosion of peppery spices. Again, match heads, but balanced and not overly sulphurous. On the second sip, the sherry comes through with tons of mixed peel zing. The third sip offers some lemon and mint. On my fourth sip, I noticed there was a nice saltiness sizzling on the tip of the tongue.
Finish: A little dry and fairly short, with burnt toffee, match heads, mint chocolate, cinammon and pipe tobacco. After a few sips, there is a nutty creaminess that floats around the palate and lengthens the finish.
Rating: 87/100

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