Suntory Whisky Royal aged 15 years 43%


Nose: Licorice covered oak with lemon and banana. Some macadamia nuttyness and wood stain. Sweet and creamy with soft grains of mainly bran and wheat. After about 10 minutes, apricot makes an appearance.
Palate: Very creamy but with that hint of lemon bitterness. Macadamia nut, licorice, banana, nutmeg and golden syrup. Smooth!
Finish: Smooth, soft grain, creamy nuts, licorice, lemon and some salty zing on the tongue.
Last Word: This whisky wears it’s ‘blendedness’ on this it’s sleeve with the grains definitely dominating. If you are looking for a malty blend then this one is probably not for you. If, however, you like a smooth Bourbon-esque style then step in line.
Rating: 86/100

2 thoughts on “Suntory Whisky Royal aged 15 years 43%

    • Been a while since I’ve had a bottle Alan but always keeping an eye on getting a couple more as they can still be had for about 40-50 bucks in Japan

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