The Cask of Yamazaki Heavily Peated 1993 62% White Oak #3Q70047


Nose: Strap yourself in for one hell  of a ride. This one has bonkers peat. Forget any Islay medicinal notes, this is sweet, dry, earthy, oaky peat. Subtle it is not.  Hang on! Is something coming through. No, my mistake,  just more peat.

Palate: This is the only whisky I need water  with. Neat: This is powerful stuff, peat bomb to  the max. Some heavy duty spice develops and a little oak. Water brings out the same lychee and cherry blossom notes  on the nose and palate that you will also find in this one’s ‘little brother’ The Cask of Hakushu Heavily Peated 1993. Here, it barely makes a dint in the peat though. There is a peanut oil  oiliness to the mouth feel. Finish: Spicy, hot, peaty. Comments: I absolutely love it!!

Rating: 93/100

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