Karuizawa Kohaku Aged 10 Years 40%abv


Nose: Sherry, orange, pie crust, wood stain, a little tar, struck match but not overpowering and a vinous note(red wine).
Palate: Light, sherry, caramelised orange jus, caramel, sweet spices, some nuttiness and a little struck match.
Finish: A bit dry on wood and sherry. Candies and caramel.
Last Word: Not particularly taxing but quite drinkable. This also comes in a Cask Strength version which has a similar profile that I tasted at Zoetrope Bar Tokyo in 2011.

Rating: 80/100

2 thoughts on “Karuizawa Kohaku Aged 10 Years 40%abv

  1. I just got a bottle of this that was on a clearance sale in a local liquor store (30% off). I thought it was pretty good, I think I’ll go back and buy the last bottle they have on the shelf.

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