Yamazaki Mizunara(Japanese Oak) Cask 2012 No Age Statement 48%

p1000698Nose: Wild flowers, asian incense, vanilla, peach fuzz, bees wax, lemon sherbert, creamy oak, parafin, raisins. Elegant and aromatic.
Palate: Creamy, then sweet spices of nutmeg and cinnamon. Wild flowers, asian incense, vanilla, pecan pie, anise, dragonfruit, camomile tea, macadamia nuts.
Finish: Wild flowers, incense, sweet tobacco, bees wax, pecan pie, menthol and a little drying wood.
Last Word: Unique and gets better with every sip.

Rating: 89/100

5 thoughts on “Yamazaki Mizunara(Japanese Oak) Cask 2012 No Age Statement 48%

  1. Oh ya, I love dragonfruit big time and to find it in a whisky is a bonus. Even though I generally reject the NAS whiskies, I will need to seek this one out.

    • Good luck Cato. In Japan they sell out before they hit the shelves and they got smashed in the UK as well even at GBP250.
      Now when I taste this one I think I maybe should have scored it 90/100.

  2. I was at Yamazaki in May and tried it for Yen 600, though they was no age statement. I absolutely loved it, big hit of plum and a long finish which lasted all the way from my train ride back to Osaka.

    They don’t sell it at the distillery, do you know how I can get one as I have a friend in Toyko?

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