Hakushu Heavily Peated 2012 No Age Statement 48%abv

p1000847Nose: Lightly medicinal. Lime, autumn leaves, damp forest floor, green steamed vegies, apples, pears, earthy peat.
Palate: Lime, apples, earthy peat, wet pebbles, chocolate, cashews, candies, menthol, pepper. Some oiliness to the mouth feel.
Finish: Earthy peat, candies, cashews, menthol. Finishes with a mineral quality.
Last Word: Not the boldest or most complex but tasty.

Rating: 85/100

2 thoughts on “Hakushu Heavily Peated 2012 No Age Statement 48%abv

  1. Interesting Brian, a few lovely traits such as the cashews which I didn’t get the pleasure of. I wonder if there would be differences, if any at all when a dram is poured straight of the bat from a 700ml bottle compared to the 180ml bottle? Or is it simply just nature: different people, different palate, different perceptions, and different surroundings? Ah- the pleasures of being able to experience different interpretations….lovely!

    • Well I didn’t pick up cashews at first Clint, only on the weekend when I had a few drams and wrote up the notes. But your right, there are many factors in play.

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