Mars New Pot Heavily Peated March 2012 9mths Old 60% 50PPM

p1000896Nose: Very similar to the Mars New Pot Lightly Peated 2011 and Mars New Pot Heavily Peated 2011. Agave, yeast, lime, fresh mowed grass, pumpkin seeds, linseed oil, soda water, shoe polish, ash. Youthful of course, but never harshly acetone.
Palate: Richer mouth feel than the 2011s. Agave, chocolate, ash, sump oil, pepper and a certain tanginess. Something sweet like black plums or black cherries. Again, never harsh. Water brings out a sweet nut element.
Finish: Long on ash, peat, agave, chocolate, peppermint.
Last Word: Shows great potential (as the 2011’s did).

Rating: 80/100

4 thoughts on “Mars New Pot Heavily Peated March 2012 9mths Old 60% 50PPM

    • Half empty Mike it’s clear New Pot: ). Could taste this one the next day. Young, but leaves quite the impression. Could have easily finished off the bottle in 2 nights. Lucky I bought 2!

    • I may have heard that back in the day Niels but these I’ve had for a couple of years. Can’t wait for a peated 3YO from Mars.

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