Memories of Karuizawa 1999 13YO Sherry Cask #879 62.9%abv

Nose: Kirsch, raisins, beef stock, damp earth, soy sauce, mint sauce, oak, licorice, chicken stock, overripe apricots. Water enhances the earthy notes.
Palate: Dry sherry, damp earth, raisins, soy sauce over spring rolls, beef stock, burnt orange, pepper, nutmeg, blackcurrant jubes. Water brings out tangy orange.
Finish: Soy sauce, chicken stock, kirsch, nutmeg, mushrooms, raisins, pepper.
Last Word: A fine young Karuizawa that is far better than  many of the overpriced, overhyped, sulphur riddled sherry numbers I’ve tasted from this distillery. Worth seeking out.

Rating: 90/100

2 thoughts on “Memories of Karuizawa 1999 13YO Sherry Cask #879 62.9%abv

  1. Wow! What an assortment of aromas and tastes. Certainly sounds like its worth it, compared to others. Good honest review, if only I could have secured a bottle 🙂 though if I did, if it is lush as it sounds it would most likely be gone by now. Cheers.

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