Yoichi 15YO 45%abv circa 2012

yoichi-15yo-45Nose: Nectarines, peaches, apricots, mixed nuts, wine gums, a little peat, oak and pine.
Palate: Mouth coating. Mainly follows the nose but adds, some coal, smoke, salt, milk chocolate and peppery spice. Robust for ‘only’ 45% abv.
Finish: Short medium. Fruit and nuts a little smoke and a mineral element.
Last Word: Not as smoky as my previous bottle circa 2010/2011, which I preferred. Still a very solid whisky.

Rating: 88/100
*Update 24/02/2013. Down to the last quarter of the bottle and after 10 months the concentration of smoke and peat is starting to shine. Balanced with the sherry elements I’m adding another point to the score. 89/100 knocking on the door of 90.

3 thoughts on “Yoichi 15YO 45%abv circa 2012

  1. I just opened a new bottle of Yoichi 15 this last weekend. Wow! Delicious stuff indeed. Great tasting notes… Spot on, though I gave it a 92 overall.

    • I can understand your score Cato. Even standards are open to some batch variation and of course personal taste. If you like the 15 hopefully you can taste the 20YO one day and the 12YO is one of my fave daily drams.

      • We are just starting to see more Japanese single malts filter into the US. I was so happy to the 15 YO Yoichi. I’ll be sure to look out for the 20 YO and give it a try. Never had the 12, I’ll buy it next outing.

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