Report Update – The Auld Alliance Singapore

dsc_0387Last month I wrote a report on the other best place in the world to try Japanese whisky, The Auld Alliance Singapore. In that post I reported that Director Emmanuel Dron was actively looking to expand the range and number of Japanese whisky’s offered at the bar. Well that activity has already born fruit with another 40 bottles of Japanese whisky now gracing the walls of the bar. By my calculations, of the total number of whisky’s on ‘display’, about 18% are now Japanese. Considering that total amount equals around 1000 whiskies, that’s a whole lot of Japanese whisky to try. dsc_0389

Certainly worth a pilgrimage for anyone who lives in Asia and a must visit for any Japanese whisky enthusiast passing through Singapore for a few days or even a night as the Auld Alliance is an easy 5-10 minute taxi ride for most hotels in Singapore. Great to see the likes of Akashi, Mars, Waketsuru and Chita now added to the list of offerings. Enjoy some mouth water photo’s.



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