World Whisky Awards 2013

These are run by Whisky Magazine every year. Can’t say I’m an avid follower of whisky award competitions in general, which is reflected by the fact that these were announced a week ago. Even more strange is that I have been a forum member of WM for about 4 years now, so blissfully ignorant. What twigged my curiosity was the amount of searches I have had on TJWR over the last few days for the following, Mars 3 Plus 25. Great news, this one won the Worlds Best Blended Malt category.
Also stoked as I wrote the first tasting notes of this one in English and it’s one of the malts I have recommended to put on the buy list of many people who have asked me. Also one I always send samples of to friends. Unfortunetly I don’ think there are too many of these floating around now. If you are in Singapore The Auld Alliance now has this one is stock. Hey Emmanuel(director of The Auld Alliance), I told you so….. ; )
Significantly, Hibiki 21, won worlds best blended whisky yet again.
You can read the full list of ‘winners’ here.

Update 30/3/2013: On reflection that bottling of Mars was released in 2011, so, not sure what the selection criteria is for these awards but it seems a little random.

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  1. Same over at WRU, I don’t know why but I’ve never written a post about awards – guess since I don’t follow then either would be the reason. Not much point in my opinion posting about awards when many many others do at the same time. Still…great news about the Mars 3 Plus 25. I reckon your review (the first in English I recall) enticed me to give it ago at Hasegawa’s – a mouth watering review indeed if I remember right. Let’s see what their new expressions will be like in coming time.

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