Mizuwari Soho London – New Japanese Whisky Bar


Recently opened in the basement level of Soho Yakitori joint Bincho, Mizuwari is a specialist Japanese whisky bar. My understanding is that they currently have about 40 different bottlings in stock. Not huge, but when you add a menu that includes a range of whisky cocktails and of course Mizuwari, enough to keep most people happy. Mizuwari sells the standard ranges from Suntory and Nikka but also gear from Karuizawa and Hanyu. The owners have also taken a leaf out of a service offered in many bars in Asia. Buy a whole bottle and they will keep it locked away for you until your next visit. Hand chipped ice balls add to the authenticity. Complimentary still water decanted into former Hibiki whisky bottles, contains strips of charcoal to create a softer mouth feel. mizuwara-soho-2
Also great news, if you get the munchies after a few drinks you can order Yakitori skewers from the restaurant upstairs. At the time of writing, prices range from GBP8.50 – 24 a shot, though their own website doesn’t seem to have a comprehensive whisky menu listed yet.

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  1. Thanks for letting your readers know about this, Brian. I am in London about once per month and will definitely try to check this place out. Sounds enticing!

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