Kirin Hips Blend 40%


Nose: Orange peel, passion fruit, wood stain, vanilla, coal.
Palate: Ginger bread, licorice, orange peel, green grapes, walnuts, passion fruit. There is an unfortunate bitter element amongst all that. Smacks of a lot of spirit caramel.
Finish: Short on the flavors on the palate but the spirit caramel overwhelms.
Last Word: Fake Tan!

Rating: 71/100

5 thoughts on “Kirin Hips Blend 40%

  1. Classic catch “buzz” copy from this era. “Let the good times roll” – “Let the spirit warm you like rays of sunshine”…sounds like it will do more than that ha ha. Your ninja spies certainly do come across some interesting bottles Brian.

    • You know underneath the Spirit Caramel a fair sort of whisky is trying to get out Clint. Think it only cost me about 10 bucks and it’s a lot smoother than the likes of JW Red. Would have made a fine summer sipper on the rocks. As it is, mostly going to be used as a mixer.

      • I’d definitely buy this for 10 bucks – just for the lovely and old-fashioned “Kirin-Seagram” label. Good work of your spies, Brian! 😉

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