Ichiro’s Malt 8 of Clubs 1988-2011 Hogshead/American Oak Puncheon #7100 57.5%

ichiros-malt-8-of-clubs-1988-23yo-7100-57-5Nose: Pepper, nutmeg. oregano, cloves, overripe peaches, brazil nuts, marmalade, mixed peel, medium peat. Water adds a wild flower note.
Palate: Cocoa, coconut, brazil nuts, pepper, stewed apples, salt and medium peating. Water helps define these flavors and ramps up the hot spices.
Finish: Good length on cocoa, coconut, hot spices, eucalyptus, peat and a mineral element.
Last Word: The balance between heat, sweet and peat is a winner.


2 thoughts on “Ichiro’s Malt 8 of Clubs 1988-2011 Hogshead/American Oak Puncheon #7100 57.5%

  1. Have you tried this new whisky called Jp Moshi Moshi? I would like some feedback on this.

    Thank you,


    • Never heard of it Kim. Well I have now. I checked out their website, looks totally dodgy on face value, I doubt if it’s even Japanese whisky. Silly name and silly home page photo as well. They obviously had all there friends like them on Facebook as well.
      There has been over the years a number of Japanese companies that have re branded Scotch with a Japanese title.
      The only totally new Japanese whisky being distilled that I know of is by the Miyashita Sake Brewery Co located in the Okayama Prefecture, with the first bottling slated for 2015. The whisky you have mentioned is allegedly made in the Nagano Prefecture.

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