Dramtastics Japan(whisky) Road Trip April 2013 – Day 9-10 Karuizawa 1966 21YO 43%Abv


Spending a couple of days in the World Heritage town of Nikko. Mainly site seeing but thought this would also give me the opportunity to post on a rare, Karuizawa 1966-1987 21YO OB that I have been fortunate enough to secure on this trip.
So what do I know about this whisky. Mostly only the obvious. The years distilled and bottled, age, alcohol percentage and that there was 521 of these in total. That it is thought to have had only one previous owner, the person I acquired it from. That owner was in correspondence with Ocean in regards to this bottling back in the day and had lost most of the information on it, but his best recollection was that the wood shavings in the wooden box the bottle comes in is from the cask it was matured in. Myth or reality it is a romantic notion either way. So what will I be doing with bottle. As it is of far too much historic value, really a museum piece, I hope to find a suitable venue to display this bottle in as it may be the only one left in existence.




11 thoughts on “Dramtastics Japan(whisky) Road Trip April 2013 – Day 9-10 Karuizawa 1966 21YO 43%Abv

  1. Congratulations on acquiring this gem, Brian. It appears that at the time these boxes were handed out by Ocean as gifts to corporate customers. At least this is what I recall from the conversation with the previous owner. As not all of these customers will have been whisky lovers there probably is a fair possibility that some boxes are living a forgotten existence in some dusty cupboard. Glad to hear that this bottle has found its way to a true connoisseur!

  2. Nikko is an awesome place – the weight of history is upon it.
    The last resting place of Tokugawa Ieyasu.
    A suitable place to post on something almost mythical & of rare significance.
    Fantastic Brian! Your holiday takes on some of the trappings of a pilgrimage.

  3. Bit of spillage of the shavings there in the second photo, Brian 🙂 I’m happy to hear that it might be displayed and nothing else considering all that went into obtaining it. Just realized again what a lovely engraved box it is.

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