Chichibu Port Pipe 2009-2013 54.5%abv


Nose: Strawberries. White chocolate, light port, zinfandel, young plums, nutmeg, maple syrup a briny element, wood stained oak. Immediately young in nature though.
Palate: Quite of lot of pepper and nutmeg. White plums, zinfandel, white chocolate, light port, maple syrup, a little soapiness to the mouth feel. Again quite youthful.
Finish: Short on white plums, nutmeg and zinfandel.
Last word: The young age shines through in this one. Not in a base spirit kind of way, but a lack of richness/fullness to the flavors.

Rating: 80/100
You can find another impression of this one at Whiskies R US

2 thoughts on “Chichibu Port Pipe 2009-2013 54.5%abv

  1. Interesting, Brian. Sounds quite different to the 61% 3-yo Port Pipe (Sanyo Busan Private bottling), which you have and reviewed. Interesting comparison given the relative similar age (although, yes, different ABV/cask). I’ve cracked mine tonight, I was going to do so a day or two ago but busy as usual. I’ll give it a few more drams but I’ve come to a conclusion already. Never did dram that 61% Port Pipe 🙁

    • Well there is some obvious similarities in the profile of both Clint, it’s just the cask strength Private bottling is a far richer experience for me. I’ve had a wee taste of the Shinanoya 5th anniversary Chichibu Chibidaru and I can say that so far, I find the same compared to the official bottling. The Private bottling being more satisfying experienceg.

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