Auction watch. What a a difference an award makes – Mars 3 Plus 25 Pure Malt 28YO 46%

So this whisky has won a couple of ‘whisky awards’ of late. As you will see from my notes, I was already a big fan back when it was first released. So what’s going on with this bottling outside of Japan a couple of years later. Now I follow whiskyauction fairly closely. I think this may be the first time I have seen this particular Mars bottling listed. Now I paid about Euro 115 in 2011. Bidding is currently at Euro 242. Auction finishes on the 8th of June. I’ll be tracking to see where this one ends up.

UPDATE 27/5/2013 – I’ll add that some retailers in Japan who did not stock this bottling when it was first released, now have it on the shelves with a ‘NEW’ tag. Price in Japan however, remains the same as in 2011.

7 thoughts on “Auction watch. What a a difference an award makes – Mars 3 Plus 25 Pure Malt 28YO 46%

  1. It’s amazing how a bottle can sit unloved on the shelf until an “expert” gives it high marks – the Robert Parker effect.
    The bottom line is – try as many as you can & buy the ones you like.
    Don’t let someone else determine what your taste is.
    Use other opinions as a GUIDE.
    Trust your own palate.

  2. By the way Brian, I’ve retasted this tonight & I can say it certainly deserves an award.
    No single character dominates, so you have a superbly complex, balanced whisky on both nose & palate. I don’t have your talent for describing the nose & taste, but I can say that it is absolutely worth a place in anyone’s collection.
    But drink it, don’t just look at the bottle!

    • I think the only Japanese Pure Malt I’ve tasted that pips it is Nikka’s Taketsuru 35YO Alan and those are selling for $900 plus now.
      Fortunately I have a spare bottle of the 3 Plus 25, though I’m not sure that is enough.

  3. I bought a spare too.
    Just as well – if you weren’t careful a bottle of this could disappear in a single session!

  4. Thank you for your recommendation on this one, Dramtastic. I’ve tried my bottle several times over the last few days and agree that it is both special and unusual. After forty five minutes in the glass the whisky takes on an even mellower character.

    To point out one quality, the finish is very smooth and refined down the throat, and then returns a subtle pulse of warmth back up the throat in a unique way that I have not experienced before. (I don’t quite know how to describe this, but I feel that the energetic qualities of a whisky are important, albeit not often represented in the standard review methodology of nose/palate/finish.)

    Would I be correct in assuming that the inclusion of Yamanashi malt in the blend means that there is 43+ year old whisky in the bottle? Do any other Mars bottlings contain Yamanashi malt?

    • As it does contain a portion of Yamanashi whisky(distillery closed in 1969), it would seem so. There are no other Mars bottling’s that contain Yamanashi malt, so enjoy your bottle of 3 Plus 25.

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