Mars “Komagatake” 22YO 43%abv

mars-komagatake-22yo-43-2Nose: An elegance reminiscent of the 3 plus 25. A subtle interplay between the American White Oak and sherry casks. Vanilla, crème brulee, strawberry, guava, oak, leather, dried fruits.
Palate: Vanilla, banana, dried fruits, leather, tobacco leaf, gentle spices, a little nutty, a little oily.
Finish: Lingers on dried fruits and tobacco leaf. The oiliness remains to the end.
Last Word: A deft blending of different cask types. Wish it was at least 46%abv though.

Rating: 88/100

4 thoughts on “Mars “Komagatake” 22YO 43%abv

  1. I really enjoyed this – as you say a bit more alcohol would give a bit more intensity, but it remains a beautifully put together whisky that I would be happy to drink any day.
    And since I had no hope of getting one of the 24yo, I might see if I can get another one of these!

  2. I’m not sure about the new bottles – I rather liked the old ones & you new just by looking at them whose whiskies they were.

    • I have Mars bottles in several different shapes Alan. Which shape do you mean? Though agreed, I like all the old one’s better. Still at least these are 750ml, which is handy when they are so drinkable.

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