Nikka Hits Australian Shores

Wondering through my local discount liquor store and noticed a product label sitting next to the only Japanese whisky currently available at a chain retail store in Australia, Yamazaki 12. No product lined up behind the label, but on closer inspection in was for Nikka Whisky From The Barrel. A quick peruse of their website when I arrived home confirmed that it is ‘coming soon’. Also listed as coming soon was Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt 12.
Now as for prices, AUD$70 for the WFTB and $100 for the Takesturu 12. A rip off for sure, but as we in Australia are ripped off at every turn when it comes to liquor prices, I think the Tak 12 retails for about US$45 in the States, par for the course. Probably won’t bother buying any as I can get them a lot cheaper from Japan. Still, I wish Nikka all the best. If you are keen, you can find them here.

2 thoughts on “Nikka Hits Australian Shores

  1. Wow! The prices are beyond outrageous… $100 for Taketsuru 12??? I would not buy it even if it were $30. I remembered Taketsuru 12 being available in supermarkets in Japan for $20. I got a bottle free when I visited the distillery..

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