White Oak Akashi Aged 15 Years 58%abv

White Oak 15YO 58%Nose: Cherry cough mixture, eucalyptus bonfire, plums, brandy snaps. damp moss/earth, Blackcurrent Jols, burnt brown sugar, burnt rubber, lemon glaze.
Palate: Massive alcohol and hot spice hit without water. Sump oil, eucalyptus fire, cherry cough mixture, cherry brandy, cocoa, burnt rubber. Not for the feint hearted. Water adds some palate smacking tanginess a lots or heat to the back palate.
Finish: Long of kirsch, lemon glaze, eucalyptus fire, cocoa, all the previous cherry flavors, the burnt rubber and ginger bread.
Last Word: A wild ride!

Rating: 84/100
*Matured for 12.5 years in Spanish Oak Sherry casks and 2.5 years in Japanese Konara Oak casks.

4 thoughts on “White Oak Akashi Aged 15 Years 58%abv

    • Have no idea on what influence it has Clint. Seems to me this was matured in the same casks used for the 12 and 14 for the first 12 years and this is what dominates.

  1. I just tried this, and it is really not for the faint of heart!! It is a beast that needs loads of water. For me it is almost undrinkable without water…but mizu tames it, brings out a spicy wood (maybe the Konara?) cherry (cough syrup) as Brian noted, but also a slight smokiness…as if the water put out the fire!

    I’d say this is one to bring out for the shock factor…I’m pretty-sure a few drams of this drunk straight would be a bad idea.

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