Nikka Super Session Triad Blended Whisky 100 Proof

nikka-triad-super-session-50Nose: A little toffee, raisins, tobacco, peanuts, wood stain, cinnamon, cloves and moulding oranges.
Palate: Toffee, raisins, orange, yoghurt, marzipan, ginger, peanut butter.
Finish: Short on yoghurt, marzipan, peanut butter and sweetened lemon.
Last Word: I expected far more complexity as I really enjoy the Rye Base 43%.

Rating: 74/100
*Note- This is a blend of malt, coffey grain and rye whiskies.

2 thoughts on “Nikka Super Session Triad Blended Whisky 100 Proof

    • Who knows Aaron. I think even someone like Dave Broom would be lucky to know about 5 percent of the history of Japanese whisky. Japanese whisky history remains a largely unknown and untold story.

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