Karuizawa OB 12YO Hanshin Tigers Label 40%abv

karuizawa-hanshin-tigers-label-1991-2003-12yo-40-700mlNose: Fresh peaches, oak, straw, oats, dried pears, fabric softener, hint of sherry.
Palate: Cashews, dried pears, orange rind, salt, barbeque shapes, oak, a little ash, touch of mint.
Finish: Short on dried pears, barbeque shapes, honey and some drying oak.
Last Word: Easy drinker that I remember being more impressed with when I first opened the bottle.

Rating: 81/100

4 thoughts on “Karuizawa OB 12YO Hanshin Tigers Label 40%abv

  1. One of two of my bottles was fantastic when first cracked, it got lots of compliments from friends who I shared it with. However, after consuming about half the bottle I sent a sample to a malt mate and it appeared to have fallen apart by the time he got it. But, I must add, my second bottle was fantastic from start to finish. Wish I put a few more away.

    • It’s still a good whisky Clint but as I near the half way mark I realize it’s not quite up to the mark of 12YO’s from Nikka and Suntory.

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