Karuizawa The Colors of Four Seasons 2nd Release 2000-2013 12YO #5173 64.8%abv

karuizawa-colours-of-four-seasons-2000-2012-12yo-64-8-5135Nose: Eggnog, toffee, key lime pie, lemon drops, barley, overripe pineapple, wood chips, papaya. Water adds apricot jam.
Palate: Honey smacks, fruit loops, toffee, wood chips, lemon fizz, honey yoghurt. Water brings our nougat and pineapple lumps. Smooth enough even without adding H20.
Finish: Shortish on apricot jam, pineapple lumps, barley and wood chips.
Last Word: Would have cracked 90 points I reckon with a stronger finish. At any rate a lot better/more interesting than most of those simple sulphur ridden sherry Karuizawa numbers that are overhyped in certain circles. Yes I’ll tell you how I really feel ; )

Rating: 88/100
*Note – Cork warning. I keep all my bottles upright of course but the cheap cork that came with this bottle has already cracked in 2 and I may have opened this 10 times at most. Not good enough!

2 thoughts on “Karuizawa The Colors of Four Seasons 2nd Release 2000-2013 12YO #5173 64.8%abv

  1. Ah, I had the fortune of tasting this at a bar in town – Auld Alliance. Wonderful for such a young one. I wish I had a couple bottles of it.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Andy. You’re lucky to have the Auld Alliance nearby with it’s fine collection of Japanese whisky.

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