Ichiro’s Malt Ace of Spades 1985-2005 Spanish Oak Sherry Wood Finish 1st Release 55%

p1010665Nose: A ton of leather and tobacco. Sherry drizzled toffee. Wood stain, figs, orange jus, white pepper, marzipan, nougat, prune juice, wet earth, peach jam.
Palate: Creamed sherry, tobacco leaf, leather, licorice, roasted chestnuts, almonds, orange jus, cloves, toffee, dried fruits.
Finish: Sherry, creamy nuts, nougat, leather, tobacco, licorice, dried fruits.
Final Word: The best sherry cask finished Ichiro’s Malt I have tried and a true piece of Japanese whisky history.

Rating: 89/100

3 thoughts on “Ichiro’s Malt Ace of Spades 1985-2005 Spanish Oak Sherry Wood Finish 1st Release 55%

  1. Yes the Ace of Spades is excellent, one of the best Sherry Hanyus . But personally I like the Ace of Hearts a little more. It is not as punchy and dominant, but rather soft and subtle, in a complex and harmonious ways. Too bad these two bottles are almost extinct….

    • I haven’t had the pleasure of tasting the Ace of Hearts Aaron. Did you try the first or second release of the Ace of Spades? The first release only spent 4 months finished in a sherry cask and I think this helps as I find many sherry cask finished Hanyu’s suffer from sulphur taint.

      • Actually it was also the first version of the Ace of Spades I tried. Indeed both Aces were excellent stuff. Although Akuto-san claimed he randomly chose the cards for the casks, but I believe he actually reserved the Aces/Kings/Queens/Jacks for the better casks….

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