Karuizawa Asama 2nd Edition 1999/2000 Vintages 50.5%abv

Karuizawa Asama 2Nose: Cloves, brandy snaps, dried fruits, golden syrup, blood oranges, nail polish remover, rubber, hints of dust and fruit mold.
Palate: Dried fruits, mixed herbs, tingly spices, brandy snaps, salt, golden syrup, Arnotts savory shapes, a ginger ale/cola blend, rubber, fruit mold, spearmint, some nuttiness. Adding some water the spicy flavors are enhanced, but so to are the acetone one’s.
Finish: Arnotts savory shapes, mixed herbs, spearmint, rubber, brandy snaps, quite oily and quite long.
Last Word: The clarity of the flavors is not to bad but the balance isn’t top notch. Still, I enjoyed this more than I thought even though I wouldn’t rush out an buy a bottle.

Rating: 80/100

*Thanks to Clint at Whiskiesrus for the large sample. You can check out Clint’s review here.

4 thoughts on “Karuizawa Asama 2nd Edition 1999/2000 Vintages 50.5%abv

  1. I remember that I did not very much enjoy this. In particular, there was a distinct metallic aftertaste in the finish that I found very offputting. Not 80 points in my book.

    • I can understand that Pierre. I have scored it against mega priced Karuizawa that others score in the 90’s that I have found worse than this one.

  2. Regardless, one thing for certain is it was priced accordingly in my opinion. At its cheapest some retailers were selling it at around 8,000 or a little under, making it affordable enough to like or dislike. If was priced higher then I’d certainly be questioning value for money.

    • Priced for the time Clint. I’ve bought single cask Karuizawa for around that price previously. Not now!!

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