Japanese Whisky Retail Downunder

A few weeks back Australia’s largest discount retail liquor chain Dan Murphy’s added a few more bottles of Japanese whisky to their shelves. Previously they had a ‘massive’ 3 bottle selection, Yamazaki 12, Nikka Taketsuru 12 and Nikka From the Barrel. New arrival’s are Hibiki 12 and 17, Hakushu 12 and the NAS version of Yamazaki and Hakushu single malts with the marketing moniker of ‘Distiller’s Reserve’. Prices in Australian dollars at the time or writing are as follows. Only the individual can decide if they find these good value.
Nikka WFTB $66.90
Nikka Taketsuru $99.99
Yamazaki NAS Distiller’s Reserve $79.99
Hakushu NAS Distiller’s Reserve $79.99
Yamazaki 12YO $96.99
Hakushu 12YO $109.99
Hibiki 12YO $109.99
Hibiki 17YO $149.99
For anyone travelling to Australia that has a hankering for bottle of Japanese whisky, Dan Murphy’s has around 200 stores Australia wide.

4 thoughts on “Japanese Whisky Retail Downunder

  1. The prices make these expensive compared to what they cost in Japan, but another way of looking at it is what you get compared to other whiskies on the Australian market. The NAS Yamazaki & Hakushu more than hold their own against other $80 whiskies on the Australian market.
    It’s all relative.
    But going to Japan & drinking these for peanuts is a very tempting option!

    • I agree on the quality v price on the NAS Alan. I think most of them except for the Nikka From The Barrel and Taketsuru would cost me about the same if I had them sent from Japan throwing in the price of shipping.

  2. I finally noticed the shelf with the Japanese whiskey on it, and got a bottle of the Yamazaki 12. Embarrassingly, I assumed that the only good whiskeys came from Scotland. The Yamazaki is absolutely comparable to the other available options in the same price range. Australia is just expensive in general.

    • Glad you enjoyed the Yamazaki and yep there is no way around the fact that Australia is an expensive place. I’d definitely give some of the other Japanese whiskies a try when you’ve got the cash and the No Age Statement Yamazaki is pretty close to the 12YO in quality for 20 bucks less.

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