Yoichi Single Cask # 419534 57%

BAL_7982Nose: Massively fruity! Nectarines, white peaches, dates, papaya, blackcurrants, leather, tobacco, a little oak and wood stain. Water adds toffee.
Palate: Again huge fruitiness. Nectarines, peaches, apricots, papaya. Leather, tobacco, toffee, pepper, wet forest logs. Water adds nougat, cherries and enhances the drier elements of tobacco and leather.
Finish: Long! The impression of the flavors lasted for 12 hours plus.
Last Word: I know at least a few readers have tried these Taradeshi Genshu(distillery only) 10 year olds and have been impressed. This one maintains that high standard.

Rating: 90/100

4 thoughts on “Yoichi Single Cask # 419534 57%

  1. Thanks for the review,
    typically the kind of stuff i’d love to try, but as usual i guess this is a Japan-only release.

    How does it look like, generally, on the front of japanese single cask releases? Prices are getting mad on auctions in Europe for Yamazaki, Yoichi etc. – same kind of madness as for Hanyu and Karuizawa it seems. The prices of Yoichi and Nikka releases from LMDW this year have almost doubled this fall… Are SC releases becoming increasingly rare you think ?

    • I can’t remember a general single cask release from Nikka or Suntory this year in Japan. There has been some ‘special’ releases but not single casks. Akuto-san has been selling some single cask Chichibu to Bars but nothing for general release. Sooner of later there will be no Hanyu and Karuizawa and what gets bottled is out of reach for most people who aren’t wealthy. Hope you’ve kept some bottles closed to drink later. It’s cheaper for me to fly to Japan and buy the bottles there.

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