Yamazaki Limited Edition 2015 NAS 43%

BAL_0442Nose: Pretty much a replica of the 2014 limited edition posted below. This one has a little more of the sandalwood and is a tad sweeter with vanilla, fruit tingles added.
Palate: Creamier/richer than the 2014 and I would say the oak is a little better integrated/balanced. Apart from that we still have the raisins, licorice, leather, tobacco, cloves, papaya and brazil nuts.
Finish: As per the 2014 limited with the vanilla added. Maybe a little more bourbon cask in this one.
Last word: Richer(in a good way) and a bit better balances than the 2014.

Rating 87/100

4 thoughts on “Yamazaki Limited Edition 2015 NAS 43%

  1. Thanks for the review. I’ve got 1 x 2014 (was saving for a special occasion) and 4 x 2015’s, I haven’t opened them yet, but I guess I’ll start with the 2015 first.

    I don’t have such a refined palette compared to many whisky drinkers. Do you think I would be able to tell much difference between the 2014 & 2015?

    • Not really. I would say that the blenders intentionally have tried to make them similar and were looking for consistency.

  2. Curious if you’ve tried the 12 year lately, and if so… is this is a big step up in any one area, all-around… or just “different”.

    The 2015 seems to still be plentiful in Japan (well, relatively speaking), and is roughly the same price as the 12 year old. I picked one up, but don’t want to carry an open bottle in the suitcase and have yet to see it available for tasting… I have a couple bottles of the 12 year old at home (the last one I got was really quite good), and can get more at home… just trying to find a sensible balance between stockpiling further, and starting to make a dent in the already-built stockpile at the mother-in-laws here in Japan.

    • Been a couple of years since I had a bottle of the Yama 12 but I remember being very impressed with the balance and complexity with lots of notes/flavors that are intrinsically Japanese or at least in the Yamazaki style of Japanese whisky. I have bought a few bottles of the Distillers Reserve lately and I really think for the money I would take a bottle of this over the Limited Editions 2014/15. I guess I should buy a bottle of the 12YO and try it side by side with the Distillers Reserve.
      The thing as I can buy both of these in Australia and not the Limited Editions so if I was in Japan I would pick up another bottle or 2 of the Limited Editions as they are still good whiskies.

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