The Blend of Nikka 17YO 45%abv

P1050283Nose: Blueberries, malt, brandy snaps, a candy note, nicely controlled oak, pepper and a hint of sherry. Water adds nougat.
Palate: Currants, brandy snaps, salt and pepper, mixed nuts, menthol, blueberry bubblegum, some ash and smoke. Water adds some toffee and assists with the balance and smoothness.
Finish: Works best with water and has impressive length. I’m talking 10 minutes and counting as I write up these notes. Pepper, menthol, blueberry, ash, smoke, tobacco, brandy snaps and some mouth coating oiliness.
Lat Word: Very heavily malt based and I would say on the Yoichi side. The nose is subtle and clean, the palate smooth and balanced with water and the finish impressively long and satisfying.

Rating: 87/100

2 thoughts on “The Blend of Nikka 17YO 45%abv

  1. I was very lucky to find one of these in a Japanese warehouse. Haven’t opened it yet. But reading your review has inspired me to do so.


    • Hope to hear your thoughts after you’ve spent some time with it. For mine this and Nikka Pure Malt Black have more in common with the old style of aged statement Yoichi than what they’re dishing up in the NAS.

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