Togouchi Aged 18 Years 43%


Nose: Is soft and fruity, mainly peach and pear. Some cereal notes of oats and bran; also varnish, white pepper and baked carrots. After about 10 minutes, some oak comes into the picture.
Palate: Very clean malt, some white pepper, bran, cream, marzipan, sweet baked carrot, sweet corn.
Finish: Medium length, medium spice, and echoes what came before. Leaves a feeling of white pepper covered bran on the palate. After about 20 minutes, the nose produces a nice hit of malt.
Last Word: Overall, this is a very pleasant whisky and a first class effort for a company that only produces one whisky. Like a number of Japanese blends I’ve had, this doesn’t come across as overly ‘blendy’.
Rating: 82/100