JWC Australia Bottles

I have a small Japanese Whisky Club that was started in 2016 with a membership of five. Below you can see a list of the bottles we have purchased so far. Some have already been opened and tasted but eventually all will be opened with the possibility of purchasing more bottles down the track. These are in no particular order.

Yoichi Heavily Peated NAS 500ml 55%
Yoichi Sherry and Sweet NAS 500ml 55%
Yoichi 10
Yoichi 12
Yoichi 15
Yoichi 20
Taketsuru 21
Nikka Tsuru 17YO
The Blend of Nikka 17YO
Nikka Pure Malt Black
Nikka Pure Malt Red
Yamakazura Pure Malt 15YO
Suntory Century Blend 2001
Suntory Royal Blend 15YO
Suntory Southern Alps Pure Malt
Mars Single Cask for 5th Anniversary of Campbelltoun Loch Bar Tokyo
Mars Super Heavily Peated 3YO Single Cask Cask Strength
Mars Sherry Cask 3YO Single Cask Cask Strength
Kirin Single Grain NAS 500ml
Kirin Single Malt NAS 500
Kirin Blenders Kit with 3 200ml Single Grains and 2 200 ml Single Malts
Kirin Small Batch Single Malt 17YO
Kirin Small Batch Single Grain 25YO
Akashi Single Bourbon Cask 5YO
Akashi Uozumi PV Sherry & Bourbon casks
Akashi limited 420 bourbon barrel three year old
Akashi limited 1,000 Sherry Cask 5 years old
Akashi limited 900 Sherry Cask 8 years old
Ichiro’s Malt Chichibu BlackAdder Single Cask Cognac Cask #745 61.4 %
Ichiro’s Malt Single Cask for The Tokyo International Bar Show 2015 French Oak Cask # 2360 62.3 %
Mars Single Cask for The Tokyo International Bar Show 2015 American White Oak #1347 61.0 % Vol.
Mars Komagatake American White Oak Single Cask Salon De Shimaji 27YO American White Oak #479 59.0 % Vol.
Akashi Ariake Virgin Cask 5 years with Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish
Ichiro’s Malt Chichibu Single Cask Fino Sherry Cask 2015 5YO #2626 59.2%
Miyagikyo Distillery bottling Single Cask Sherry Cask #117483 20YO 60%
Mars Tsunagu Blended whisky limited edition for Isetan only 300 bottles.
Suntory Millennium 2000 Pure Malt Whisky Limited Edition.
Ichiro’s Malt Ginkgo Pure Malt Whisky Limited 6000 bottles
Miyagikyo No Age Statment distillery Bottling Sherry and Sweet 500 55%abv
Yoichi Single Cask # 406973 10YO 57%abv
Yoichi 10YO Single Cask #406975 58%
Miyagikyo Sherry Cask No age Statement Limited Released 3000 bottles 700ml 48%
Suntory Special Blended Whisky 43% Limited Edition Sherry Casks
Suntory 2014 for the Peninsular Tokyo Limited Edition 43% Sherry Casks
Yamakazura Pure Malt Sherry Cask Finish 15YO(actually matured for 20 Years) Cask Strength 59%
Mars Astronomical Observation Bottling 1991 24YO Sherry Cask #157 59%abv
Ichiro’s Malt Hanyu 1991 23YO Madeira Cask # 1386 54.1%
Yamazaki Limited Edition 2016 43%abv
Hakushu Single Cask 1999 10YO Bourbon Barrel #AHAK2001 56%
Ichiro’s Malt and Grain Kiyosato Field Ballet 26th Anniversary Bottling 48%abv