Mars Maltage 3 Plus 25. 28-year-old pure malt. 46 per cent alcohol.


Nose: Luscious. A huge hit of apricots. Ginger, soft leather, Seville oranges, lemon barley, toffee, vanilla, stewed rhubarb, lime juice, gentle pepper, a little pine nut, pineapple, walnut, licorice, and a waxy element.
Palate: Smooth and rounded. Big toffee, apricot jam, pepper, stewed rhubarb, Chinese 5 spice. Can oak be creamy? Sweetened corn, pistachios, leather, frangipani, strawberry compote, walnuts, licorice.
Finish: Medium-long. Balanced on a sweet/dry combo then a little minerally.
Last Word: A stunning, elegant whisky of great complexity.
Rating: 93/100

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