Ichiro’s Malt The Final Vintage of Hanyu 2000. 9 years old. 61.1%abv


Nose: Another woody Hanyu, but not in the same sweet variety as the likes of the Double Distilleries. Lots of varnish, also blueberries, subtle florals and oregano.
Palate: Without water, the spices run wild with plenty of heat. It warms the chest, as one might expect. A fair whack of dry woodiness as well. Adding water (which is pretty much mandatory) brings the florals out a little more on both nose and palate. Become slightly vegetal tastes, including steamed broccoli. There’s also a toastiness, along with black pepper.
Finish: With or without water, this is fairly long, varnishy, woody, spicy and ultimately drying.
Last Word: A little to woody and austere for my tastes. For me, it lacks finesse.
Rating: 80/100

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