Yamazaki 12 43%abv circa 2012

yamazaki-12-circa-2012Nose: Temple incense, sandlewood, brown sugar, orange, oak, tinned pears, banana. A lot of influence from the Mizunara(Japanese Oak) casks.
Palate: Fruit and nut mix. Banana, sandlewood, honey and tobacco.
Finish: Short-medium on banana, vanilla, sandlewood, honey, cinnamon and tobacco. Smooth and balance.
Last Word: Best batch I’ve tried and a reminder that it can be beneficial to try these ‘standards’ over different years.

Rating: 87/100

2 thoughts on “Yamazaki 12 43%abv circa 2012

  1. I like this idea of batch variation reviews, Brian. As mentioned I’ve just cracked my Hakushu circa 2012 that I plan to post soon. Very beneficial as you say to try the “standards” over years. I’ve found found that particularly the Yama and Hakushu variations ranging from 2010 to 2012 have had variable differences. Nice one and good theme.

    • It’s sometimes easy to pass over these ‘standards’ Clint in favor of more exotic fare. Forgetting that these offerings from the larger Japanese distilleries are usually of a high standard.

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