Dramtastics Japan(whisky) Road Trip April 2013 – Day 3 Part 1


This was the opening day of TIBS/Whisky Live Tokyo 2013.
As this was my first time here, I was quite excited to check it all out. What I discovered was a well organized event with plenty to offer the non whisky drinker and whisky enthusiast alike. The combining of The International Bar show and Whisky Live works a treat. I don’t speak Japanese so the mini seminars are lost on me, but as the majority of punters were Japanese plenty of informative talks and demonstrations for those folk. If you click on the above link the stage programs are written in English so you will see what I mean. p1010269
Of course my focus was on Japanese whisky and there was more than enough to satisfy. I pre purchased my day ticket online which was Y5000. Basically this is an entry fee, though I did receive a glencairn glass on admission which was great as I didn’t really want to taste whisky from those little plastic cups. There was plenty to taste for free but also a premium tasting ticket system for those who wanted to taste the high end gear. These could be bought for either Y1000 or Y5000. I chose the Y5000 package which gave me 25 tickets from memory. I mean memory as I tasted 18 different whiskies on the day. Props to the Venture whisky(Hanyu/Chichibu) stand as almost everything was free except 2 bottling’s. As the freebies included all the latest from the Card series and some experimental bottles of Chichibu I felt this was very generous.
Plenty of water stands to keep you hydrated and clean your glass between drams but strangely no food stands. As most people at the show including myself were getting a pretty sauced on whisky or cocktails this would been a nice addition.
Some shout outs:
The nice guy who gave me a run down on the progress on this event in Tokyo over the years.
Jeff(Geoff) from Metropolis Magazine and Kyle from Japan Tourist.
The Hong Kong Posse.
The lovely Japanese couple who gave me the whisky bar recommendation in Shibuya.
All the friendly staff serving at the Suntory, Nikka and Venture whisky stands.
And a special mention to the team from Hombo Shuzo(Mars) whisky stand.
Tasted on the day with my absolute standouts highlighted in gold. Only the Nikka Black was disappointing.
The TIBS/WL Bottling of Chichibu
The TIBS/WL Bottling of Hanyu
Yoichi Single Cask 1988-2013 23YO Warehouse 25 #100212 62%
Mars Komagatake 22YO 43%
Mars Awai Tradition Wine Case Finish 40%
Chichibu Refill Barrel #2186 60.2%
Chichibu Refill Hogshead 2010-2013 #705 63.2%
Chichibu Almost 5(years Old) refill/hogshead finished #2472 61.8%
Whisky Shop W. 2nd Anniversary Yamazaki 1999 13YO Puncheon 57%
Nikka Black Rich Blend 40%
Nikka Taketsuru 25YO
Yoichi Single Cask ‘Old Nic’s Dram’ #400860 1997-2013 15YO 59%
Hanyu 23 Year Old 58%
Ichiro’s Malt Ace of Clubs 2000-2012 1st Cask Hogshead 2nd Cask Mizunara(Japanese Oak) 59.4%
Ichiro’s Malt 7 of Spades 1990-2012 1st Cask Hogshead 2nd Cask Cognac 53.8%
Ichiro’s Malt 6 of Hearts 1991-2012 1st Cask Hogshead 2nd Cask American Oak Puncheon 57.9%
Hibiki 30
Yamazaki Heavily Peated NAS 2013 58%

One thought on “Dramtastics Japan(whisky) Road Trip April 2013 – Day 3 Part 1

  1. Very interesting write-up, Brian. Very similar to my preferences but more on that later. Managed to try the Mars 24-yo – delightful stuff. I’ll try and highlight my perspective of the days event soon. Shame we missed each other but I presume you had to do what you had to do. Catch you next time.

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