Dramtastics Japan(whisky) Road Trip April 2013 – Day 3 Part 2

So later that evening, moved onto the Golden Gai(Guy) area for a few easy going Suntory Highballs at Bar Albatross with some family members.
Lots of fun. Decided to have a few more ‘serious’ whiskies at Zoetrope and then
Bar Hermit West. First 2 single malt photos from Zoetrope and the next 2 from Bar Hermit West. All were good but the Ichiro’s Malt Queen of Clubs was a beast and I loved it. Click thumbnails to view.


2 thoughts on “Dramtastics Japan(whisky) Road Trip April 2013 – Day 3 Part 2

    • You know I passed it up the first night I was at that bar Aaron. Glad I gave it a shot the next time, as it was very powerful Miyagikyo. Should have bought a couple of them when they were about Y8000 at the Asahi Shop.

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