Ichiro’s Malt 9 of Clubs 1991-2011 Hogshead/Bourbon Barrel #401 57.3%


Nose: Stone fruits, praline, drying newly tanned leather, caramel, oak, soy sauce, ash, brine.
Palate: Brown sugar, nutmeg, toffee, pepper, brazil nuts, horse radish, mouth coating. A touch of water adds rhubarb, strawberry compote, ginger, almonds and the whole grows more palate smacking.
Finish: Rhubarb, strawberry jam, pepper, tobacco, leather and ash.
Last Word: A sweet/dry combo.

Rating: 90/100

4 thoughts on “Ichiro’s Malt 9 of Clubs 1991-2011 Hogshead/Bourbon Barrel #401 57.3%

  1. Nice review, Brian! And very enticing, this Ichiro’s Malt. I get rhubarb in whisky only very rarely, so this must have been an interesting tasting session.

    • Thanks Pierre. Again probably reviewed this one after being open at least a year. Had those tasting notes ‘in the can’ for at least the last 4 months and sipped on a dram as I was writing them up yesterday. The rhubarb was still there when water was added, was the top ‘note’ on the finish along with the strawberry before those drier flavors kicked in.
      When I was in pre school, stewed rhubarb was one of the standard lunch time deserts.

        • Well pre school. Even better with the ice-cream that it came with, though we needed the desert after the actual lunch which often contained mixed vegetables. That part wasn’t too appealing at the age of 3-4.

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