Mars Iwai Tradition WIne Cask Finish 40%abv

mars-iwai-tradition-wine-cask-finish-40-1Nose: Cherry Ripes, blood oranges, honey, toffee, tree resin, white peach, whole meal dough, Turkish delights.
Palate: Fig jam, Turkish delights, madeira, poppy seed and orange cake, toffee, honey, ginger, ginger bread, salt and a little pepper.
Finish: Ginger bread, honey, figs, dates, nutmeg, salt and some drying tannins.
Last Word: Hard to believe this is a blend. Amazing quality-price ratio at only $23 for a 750ml bottle.

Rating: 86/100

7 thoughts on “Mars Iwai Tradition WIne Cask Finish 40%abv

  1. Sounds like you’d need at least a dozen, because it would disappear rapidly!
    Sounds delicious – I can’t wait to try it!

  2. Sounds like a great dram, and that value-for-money is staggering. Was this a Japan purchase or did you manage to mail order it in? Thanks for all the great reviews and letting us drink vicariously through you!

    • Was an order I had shipped Max. I tend to buy single cask whisky when I am in Japan.
      Thanks, I love doing the ‘research’ for the tasting notes. ; )

      • Thanks, and keep on keeping on! I’ll have a squizz for this whisky online. Rakuten doesn’t have it in stock, sadly.

  3. An easy drinker from the start. After twenty minutes in the glass, it loses the mild alcohol notes on the forepalate, leaving only sweetness and light.

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