Mars “Komagatake” Single Cask 1988 25YO American White Oak # 555 46%

d7k_7631Nose: Papaya, mango, vanilla, apricot jam, oak, leather, banana, toffee. Delightful.
Palate: Plenty of punch for 46%. Vanilla slice, banana, oak, mango, apricot, rhubarb, leather, ginger bread, sweet tobacco, white pepper, cashews, salt.
Finish: Leather, tobacco, white pepper, rhubarb, ginger bread, cashews, banana.
Last Word: Mars is to American White Oak cask whisky as Yamazaki is to Sherry cask whisky. You just can’t go wrong.

Rating: 91/100

2 thoughts on “Mars “Komagatake” Single Cask 1988 25YO American White Oak # 555 46%

  1. I tried this & the single cask #619 & loved both!
    As you say, Brian, Mars whisky & American white oak are a match made in heaven!
    Compared to a few drab, boring scotches I’ve tried recently this one is bursting with personality & interest – keep them coming Mars!

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