Kirin Lightly Peated Aged 12 Years 43%abv

kirin-lightly-peated-12yoNose: Pineapple, papaya, caramels, earthy peat, oak, orange, vanilla.
Palate: Fresh ginger heat, pepper, pineapple, papaya, caramels, blood orange, olive oil, earthy peat, brazil nuts, savory shapes.
Finish: Pineapple, brazil nuts, tobacco, smoke, earthy peat, ginger, pepper. A combo of sweet, hot spice and drying elements from the peat.
Last Word: Very tasty whisky worth looking out for if you are in Japan. Peating level I would say is a notch up from Hakushu 12. Kirin also made a 20 year old version which I have tasted and own a bottle of.

Rating: 88/100

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