Chichibu for TIBS/WhiskyLive Tokyo 2013 2009-2013 Bourbon Barrel #422 61.8%abv

Chichibu WL 2013 2Nose: Fermented pears, dried pears, green apples, apple sauce, barley sugar, lemon lozenges, bread dough, sawdust.
Palate: Big and fiery without water but doesn’t scream youth. With a fair hit of water, pear gummy bears, fermented pears, lemon sherbet, sawdust, lemon lozenges, nutmeg, apples sauce, whole meal, bran, corn flakes, cloves.
Finish: Lots of pear and cereal notes, with some pepper, cloves, barley sugar, nutmeg, corn oil.
Last Word: Tried this at TIBS/WhiskyLive Tokyo last year. Too many drams that day to form a strong opinion, so I’m happy to have been able to spend some time with a large sample of this one. I’d have to say that overall, this is a fine Chichibu and the quality belies it’s youth. If this was a Scottish whisky I’d think Glen Moray 12 with balls!

Rating: 86/100

*Thanks to Clint over at Whiskiesrus for the sample. You can read Clint’s review here.

2 thoughts on “Chichibu for TIBS/WhiskyLive Tokyo 2013 2009-2013 Bourbon Barrel #422 61.8%abv

    • Thanks Clint. I obviously enjoyed it a bit more than you did, but hey, that’s whisky. Glad to just be able to get some notes together as my sinuses have been playing up for over a month now.

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