Mars Komagatake The Revival 2011-14 58% – First Impressions

Mars The Revival 2011 2

Unfortunately I’ve had a bad head cold for over a week so the sinuses are shot. Still, the excitement of Mars(Hombo Shuzo) first official(over 3 years old) whisky release has gotten the better of me. I just had to post up my first impressions. Even though my nose is MIA I can still pick up some of the fundamentals on the palate.
First thing that comes to mind is a peated version of Chichibu the First with an extra dollop of honey and olive oil. There’s lemon curd/meringue, chocolate, Wurther’s Originals, almonds, wheat bread dough, star fruit, honeycomb, pink grapefruit, salt and pepper. Quite a hot whisky at first but not in an alcoholic/acetone way, more like chili heat. The peat lingers and the oiliness coat’s the palate. Overall, very accomplished for the age and every bit as good IMO as Chichibu’s the First(which I enjoyed a lot). The mild peating adds an extra dimension.
Here’s my tip, forget about mega dollar Karuizawa and Hanyu’s, Mars and Chichibu are on the ascendance so start collecting as many of their ‘standard’ offerings as possible. Sure, not cheap for their young age, but not 1000 bucks plus either!!
I had high hopes for this one after tasting all of Mars New Pot Peated Whiskies from 2-3 years back. I am not disappointed in the least. Pour one and like me you’ll be onto your third in no time!

9 thoughts on “Mars Komagatake The Revival 2011-14 58% – First Impressions

  1. This sounds great Brian. Cannot wait to get mine. Will you do a re-review once the sinuses are better? Just out of interest to hear of any changes. Sounds tasty and very rewarding – nice one!

  2. Sounds very promising Brian.
    Given the number of terrific older Mars whiskies I’ve tried, it’s good to know there will be new ones in the pipeline.
    This is a significant bottling & it seems they’ve nailed it, quality-wise.
    I’ll be looking for your “second impression” once your head is clear!

    • Hi Alan, the future does indeed look bright or at least this is a very good start. If you didn’t get a bottle I’ll try and remember to save a sample for you. I’m slowly starting to feel better. Cheers Brian.

  3. I dipped out on this, so if you are able, I would love to try it!
    Today I finally received the Nikka Coffey Malt that was held up in customs.
    A lovely rich, sweet, malty dram – banana, honey, bubble gum, cinnamon, chocolate.
    Even after paying duty, well worth the price
    I probably need a couple of cases of this – it’s a real session whisky!

    • Nice one Alan. I’ll have to grab a bottle of the Coffey Malt myself at some stage. Still a few good value Japanese whiskies out there!

  4. Hi, Brian,
    I’ve finally been able to get of 2 bottles of this – I think it warrants 2 bottles because of its significance as the first new make Mars whisky for a long time.
    One bottle to drink & one to keep!

  5. I tried this tonight, Brian & I must say I’m impressed.
    Lovely clean spirit – all sorts of fruit both tropical & citrus.
    Very spicy – black pepper to the fore( I know what you mean by “hot”) & with a delicious saline character balanced by sweetness.
    The gentle peating is just right & the aftertaste lingers in the mouth for quite some time.
    It wasn’t cheap, but very high quality & a significant & historic whisky.
    Good to get in on the ground floor of the revival!
    And this is a good ‘un.
    I noticed that a Japanese seller had that Isetan Balanced Sherry Karuizawa bottling priced at about $1000! It sure puts the price of this into perspective & backs up what you say about buying the future classics instead – wise words indeed!

    • Hi Alan, glad your enjoying it and thank you for your tasting no impressions. Certainly shows the promise of things to come when the stock gets older.
      Remember when we thought a bottle of that Yama sherry cask from Bar Hermit was expensive at Y18000. Seems like a bargain these days : )

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