Ichiro’s Malt Chichibu The Peated 2015 62.5%abv

BAL_3886.jpgNose: Ash, coal fire, earthy peat, lemon infused peat, Werther’s Originals, vinegar, butter menthols, fermented pears, brine, sawdust, pork crackling.
Palate: First thing that strikes me is how smooth this is at 3 years old and 62.5%. I don’t hesitate to say phenomenal. Lots of palate coating licorice, sweet peat, earthy peat, coal, pipe tobacco, leather, lemon merengue, fermented pears, pink grapefruit, butter menthols, lapsang souchong, chewy malt, pork crackling, dark chocolate.
Finish: Lingers on in a beautifully balanced way never too sweet, dry or bitter. You can add coffee with cream to the peat, licorice, dark chocolate, lapsang souchong, tobacco and coal.
Last Word: I’m not a massive peat head by any means but this heavily peated whisky is a total joy. Balanced, smooth, complex and not one of those heavily peated whiskies trying to hide a multitude of sins under a heavily peated bushel. This is an instant classic in my book and I could not envision a 3YO whisky being any better. Bravo Akuto-san!

Rating: 89/100

4 thoughts on “Ichiro’s Malt Chichibu The Peated 2015 62.5%abv

  1. Hello Brian,

    Would you say the score given to this malt is based on the fact that its a 3YO or by giving it a 90/100 you would say it is better than a Hibiki 17YO.
    I am interested to know if this bottle is right up there for you and if you would stock up on it as its still available, however, in my region for GBP100.

    Im trying to decide between this and the Nikka coffee grain.
    Help me decide.


    • Hi Rahul,
      Certainly it is a phenomenal whisky for a 3YO and although I like Hibiki 17YO myself if I could only one or the other I would take the Chichibu. As for the Nikka Coffey Grain the more I taste it the more I like it. Not sure how much the Nikka Coffey Grain is your way but if the Chichibu is twice the price it is not twice as good. The law of diminishing returns. These 3 whiskies have very different flavor profiles so on that level can’t be compared.

      • Thanks for the quick reply Brian.

        The nikka coffee grain is 90AUD whereas the chichibu is 200AUD.

        I have only tried a handful of Japanese malts as they are hard to come by in India (have to wait till I travel each year).

        India allows only 2 bottles to be carried back. Hence the emense confusion on whether I should carry one of each or two of the same.
        If only there were a bar where I could try these malts.

        Thanks again.

        • Personally I would take one of each. They are both pleasurable in their own way but would be suitable for different moods as one is a Peated Malt Whisky and Cask Strength, the other 45%ABV Grain Whisky with some unique characteristics lent by distillation in the Coffey Stills.

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