2 New Chichibu Soon. Yippee!!

As reported by Clint over at Whiskies R Us, there will be 2 new official Chichibu bottling’s released soon. One from Port Pipes, one from Chibidaru(small) casks. You can read Clint’s post here.
Cask Strength, non chill filtered, no artificial coloring. What’s not to Love? I really enjoyed the previous Port Pipe release from Chichibu and have a bottle of Hanyu from a Chibidaru cask which is very tasty, so I have high hopes for these newbies.

UPDATE 31/3/2013: These are now available here for Worldwide Shipping. You can knock off about Y500 from the listed price as local taxes are deducted for International Customers. I’ve bought many bottles from this supplier. Fast, safe and reliable in my experience.

4 thoughts on “2 New Chichibu Soon. Yippee!!

  1. Thanks for the plug Brian. Presume you have your order in. I’m looking forward to the Chibidaru in particular – be good to do a back to back with Shinanoya’s private bottling. I have a feeling the OB Chibidaru may provide something different more 🙂

    • Correct Clint. Have ordered 2 of each. Not sure if funds will always permit, but this is my one chance to collect a whole series of official release whiskies from one distillery from the beginning of production. Scares me you said there might be quite a few this week though. : )

      • Exactly, Brian. I guess a lot of people may be thinking the same regarding the chance to collect the whole official series from one distillery, especially a new distillery, which makes it a littler easier to begin the collection. I actually lucked out unfortunately though as I don’t have The First at home and haven’t come acros it since (obviously at auction I could secure it but want the physical thrill of trying to track it down). Today sees the release/launch of the Rich Black Nikka Blend 😉

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